Ethical Farming

Neighbor Dave’s Organics (NDO) is committed to growing 100% deep bed organic cannabis. Using only 50 gallon pots, water, soil, organic fertilizer (Nectar For The Gods), hygrozyme, and organic compost tea, we are able to produce cannabis with a stronger smell, better bud structure, and most importantly, a smoother burn. NDO’s cannabis is pesticide free and additive free.

Our farm is exactly that, a living breathing farm, which we tend to with great care and love daily. No push button watering here. Each one of our plants is hand watered and inspected each day for irregular growth, pests, and molds or mildews. If any pests or molds are present, that plant is destroyed and removed to avoid contamination. It is NOT treated with pesticides or chemicals and allowed to remain in the room. We only produce premium quality medications. Our products go through a rigorous testing process to make sure they meet organic certified standards. We believe it is important for the health of the earth and of our patients.

NDO is committed to using sustainable and recyclable products, purchasing wind power, and reducing its carbon footprint. We focus on keeping our dollars in our community by making every effort to purchase locally made goods from small businesses.