About Us

Growing up in a small town in southern Oregon, I learned a lot of values at a young age. We took care of the land around us and looked after each other. We knew our neighbors and helped each other. Whether it was feeding animals for those on vacation, sharing a "bounty" of zucchini, or getting scolded for throwing rocks, our street was a community of people trying to do good. And now as a husband, father, and friend, I want to give back to my community by doing what I know best - taking care of the earth we depend upon and taking care of others.

My patients are my source of inspiration. Their stories are what it's all about. Seizures that can't be controlled, debilitating acute pain, nausea from hours of cancer chemotherapy - real stories of real suffering. My neighbors and your's, everyday people looking for a clean, safe and responsible source of medication options. Pain doesn't discriminate and neither do I.